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V1 Home 2.0
is here!
V1 Home 2.0 is the most technologically advanced, yet simple to use sport analysis software on the market today. Comparing your sports motion to your favorite professional has never been more easy to accomplish, as any computer novice can easily capture their motion and send it up to the Internet Sports Academy for analysis.

  • Students can record their athletic motion onto their computer.
  • Students can receive, open, and review their athletic motions filmed by their instructor.
  • Students can playback their lessons in the video window.
  • Quickly compare two performances side by side to identify faults.
  • Transmit recorded performance via the Internet for feedback from a professional instructor.
  • Use overlaid drawing tools as a reference while reviewing the performance.
  • Remove the guesswork - it's hard to fix what you can't see. Motion analysis done easily and effectively with the touch of a button.
These are just a few of the many varied features and uses that you will find with V1 Home 2.0.

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