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Gary Dranow
years teaching:  49
Home Facility: ModernSkiRacing.com
7247 Stagecoach Dr.
Park City, UT 84098
United States
Email: gary@modernskiracing.com
Sample Lesson: Click Here to View
Gary began his skiing career in earnest when he was hired as a ski instructor at Snow Summit for the 1973-74 ski season. He became the highest scoring Associate Certified ski instructor in 1973 and quickly began coaching, working with the Snow Summit race department from 1977-1985. He got his first USSA Alpine Coach's certification in 1981. Gary raced USSA Far West Masters, LA Council Races and Nastar until 1991. After a 10 year hiatus pursuing business and other interests Gary came back to racing in 2001 joining the IMD Masters program. In 2002 he started coaching recreational racers and by 2004 had founded the Modern Ski Racing Program. Gary obtained his USSA Level 100 Alpine Coach re-certification in 2004. Today Gary is working towards his USSA Level 200 Certification. He continues to develop the MSR Progression based on the "Waist Steering" fundamental concepts, race clinics and camps with such notables as Warren Wilkinson, long time personal coach to Erik Schlopy, current USST member.

notable students

    Founded www.modernskiracing.org Co-Developed the "Waist Steering" Concepts 2005 Men's Expert Nastar National Champion Master Nationals 2005 Men's Class 6 Top 10 IMD Men's 2005 Class 6 #2 Season Overall 2005 Nastar #9 Men's Overall Ranking

video analysis fee: 35
turnaround time: 2 days
Pro Code: 3239

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"Build a winning technique based on Modern Ski Racing fundamentals. Use MSR Fundamentals to affect winning tactics and strategy."
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